I enjoy online gaming and i use sennheiser 201 headphones. Was listening to music while cleaning... Then changed songs & the speakers just weren't as loud as they should be. Loudness option to boost the sound volume To turn it off if you find the sound volume is now too loud, go to the same place and uncheck the Loudness option. i'm finding that plugging the headphones directly into the front panel of the case or the rear of the case is not producing enough volume through the headphones. I really don't know a way to describe this other then that, they just do not sound like they used to. Whatever the reason, plenty of people place their audio speakers on the floor. Looking back at the Q Acoustics 2050i floorstanding speakers we used as an example in our section on ‘power’, we can see that they have a 92dB sensitivity rating. This one’s just for speakers, and rather than wattage, sensitivity is the measure of how loud a speaker will be in decibels when 1 meter away and being driven by 1 watt of power. Unless the speakers are mounted directly to the wall. My AVR is rated at 100W in 2-channel and 75W in 5-channel mode, but in real watts. My iPhone isn't even a month old...want suggestions so I don't have to take it … Simply click the speaker button to expand the volume panel. Maybe you hate the way audio speaker stands look. You should also verify that the sound isn’t muted or turned down on the hardware end. Here’s why you might want to reconsider… Well now my speakers are not as loud as they used to be. Im not after huge part sound, but I expected to be able to have them louder. The reciever normall runs my klipsch surround set at very loud levels and hasnt in the past had an issue with audio coming from the iphone. Next, click the speaker icon to the left of the slider to unmute. Usually, peoples start using headphones or external speakers on the laptop in order to get loud and clear sound instead of solving sound volume not loud enough issue. On my AVR that I used on my room, at -35 dB is loud enough, push it to -25 dB and it becomes crazy loud. In the Speakers properties window, go to Enhancements, and check “Loudness Equalization” option. I pushed it all the way to -15 dB and at point it felt like I was at a dance. Hello, when I listen to music on my desktop computer with my headphones, it's not really loud enough. The sound just does not get loud & it sounds all static & muffled-like. For instance, your speakers may have volume buttons, or they may be accidentally unplugged from the PC or power outlet. They sound like they are not … Audio not loud enough at 100% in Windows 10, 8, 7 laptops is one of the most common Windows 10 sound problems. And yes, to some extent, a larger speaker would move more air molecules than a stand alone small one. Or maybe you’re going for a college-chic aesthetic with everything from your mattress to your TV on the floor. If they have a system with a subwoofer they should be cool about this, but even if they just have speakers against your shared wall or sitting on top of a cross support beam that carries sound, there's TONS they can do to insulate the sound and vibrations with minimal effort. Any ideas? They are 8" 150Watt in ceiling speakers. Maybe you’re scared your pets/child will knock them down and damage your precious speakers. Brand I cannot remember and cannot find the box atm (will post if I find it). The amount of “sound” speakers can produce is relative to their surface area. When i use the audio jack on the speakers they are not loud enough either (very basic cheap 2.1 speakers) The enclosure has a large effect too.